Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The IJsselland Hospital


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The letter IJ used to be the one but last letter in our Dutch alphabet when I was young . It still is the letter before Z in telephone directories. In modern dictionaries, however, it is a combination of the letters “I” and “J “, which means that they are found under “ I “ and are followed by “K “ . In modern dictionaries the letter”Y” precedes the “Z “. In my entries for Wednesday ABC I shall use either of them.

I ‘ll show you a slide of my yard and some photos of the IJsselland hospital, which is situated not far from Rotterdam. It was opened in 1991. If you enter it you come into a large hall with some places where you can buy some snacks or have a cup of coffee. You can also buy flowers or other gifts for a patient you are going to visit.. Downstairs are the waiting rooms of the various doctors and specialists.

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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Your yard is beautiful; so well groomed and colorful.

The hospital is a very modern building, almost industrial in its appearance. Very interesting.

Dina said...

Lots of light coming into that hospital. An important factor.

kjpweb said...

Good light is true - it looks a bit cold though as well!
Good shots!
Cheers, Klaus

Reader Wil said...

The hospital looks like a factory but it's a remarkable piece of architecture that's why I wanted to show it. Thanks for your comments!