Tuesday, 10 June 2008

U for Universities in the U.K

The town of Oxford was already an important centre of learning by the end of the 12th century. Teachers from mainland Europe and other scholars settled there, and lectures are known to have been delivered by as early as 1096. The expulsion of foreigners from the University of Paris in 1167 caused many English scholars to return from France and settle in Oxford.

Oxford was also the place where the series of Inspector Morse was shot and where he died . One of the buildings served as library in the Harry Potter books. The authors Tolkien and Lewis lived here.
The people of Oxford never mention the name of the city of Cambridge, they speak of Cambridge as "The Other Place".

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RuneE said...

My salutation from the University of Bergen!

ellen b. said...

What a wonderful choice for U. I love these great old universities.

reader Wil said...

Mange tak Runee! Ha det bra i Bergen! Jeg liker Bergen. Jeg visste ikke at du har ogsa et universitet i Bergen!

reader Wil said...

Hi Ellen thanks for your visit!

Blue said...

Gosh, had to smile!
One always misses the most obvious!
I live in Dreamingspires aka Oxford, I post regularly about my wonderful college buildings but it didn't click for U.

reader Wil said...

Well blue ! I thought Oxford such a beautiful place. We were there last year. And I understood that Tolkien and his friend Lewis of the Narnia Chronicles had lived there. I like the books of both authors. I also like the" other place"!