Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Love Story

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It happened not so long ago in Germany. It was spring and the weather was fine, but the lonely swan swam from one end of the lake to the other, looking for his wife, a beautiful young pen, but in vain. He didn’t realise that she was dead and that he would never see her again. He felt sad and hopelessly alone. Day in day out he had been looking for her. Swans are very faithful to their partners, you know.
One beautiful morning in May our swan suddenly saw something that drew his attention. It was very quiet in the park and the lake lay blue and promising in front of him, but he also saw to his great joy a beautiful female swan. He was delighted and swam towards her as fast as he could. He swam around her and did his best to draw her attention. She, however, remained very calm and although she didn’t reject him, she didn’t answer his approach either. All summer he felt happy, but in spite of all advances he made, she didn’t show him that she was also interested in him. She remained beautiful, cool, aloof and very, very silent. September came and October. Autumn had arrived and on a cold day in December something terrible happened Two men came to the park and took his beautiful girlfriend away. He swam to the men threatening them by spreading his wings and hissing as loud as possible, but the men laughed and talked loud. “Look at that silly swan! What does he think he’s doing!” They took the beautiful lady with them and our swan was so terribly sad and so lonely again. He swam here and there and had lost his appetite. He didn’t want to live anymore. People, who often came to the park noticed the poor fellow and pitied him. Some of them knew he was the lovesick swan, who tried to win the heart of the lady who had now being taken away. They talked to the park-keepers. They understood what was to be done and returned to the lake to find the poor fellow. They took him to the zoo and united him with the beautiful, big artificial boat in the shape of a white swan. He was happy again and got his appetite back.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I'm glad he found his true love again. I doubt they will have any off spring, but he's happy. Have a great evening.

Janice Thomson said...

What a delightful tale Wil!

reader Wil said...

Who knows Patty! Some plastic toy cygnets like children use in the bathtub, might be nice for the cob.

reader Wil said...

Janice~ This story really happened, I only can not recall where in Germany it was and of course I made a lot up, otherwise it would be a bit boring.