Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tulipland Panorama

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The Van den Ende Panorama is a cylindrical painting depicting the Flower Bulb District in the fifties of the last century. The painting shows historical buildings, views and detailed pictures of the life and labour during this period.

Work on the Panorama started in 1997 and continues to date. Mainly during two months in the spring, the pictorial artist Leo van den Ende is engaged in painting this 4 by 63 metres large work of art. During that period, the Panorama is open to the public at Panorama Tulipland in Voorhout Until now he has been working on the Panorama for 9000 hours and 11years

Why this Panorama?
This is what the painter says:

"A destructive process that has affected the Flower Bulb District since the nineteen - fifties has caused the disappearance of many farms, flower bulb sheds, buildings, houses, windmills, etc. that were characteristic to the district. Also large tracts of land formerly used for flower bulb cultivation have been sacrificed to the expansion of the towns and villages in the district.
A growing group of people, including myself, who are increasingly concerned as they witness this process unfold, strongly believe that one ought to treat one's cultural heritage with care and respect, and we should make a concerted effort to stop the process and conserve what is still there".

Growing bulbs is a very interesting job in the west of the Netherlands, because the soil is exceptionally suitable for it. As soon as the flowers are fully grown, they will be cut off without their stems. The flowers are beautiful but will be used for decorations. The bulbs are intended for export.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Finland.
I saw your comment in my crocus post, thank you for it!
I have been in Keukenhof about ten years ago, when I was with my husband in Holland, he had some animal physiology congress there in the town,Harderwijk.
I liked those days in Holland :)

reader Wil said...

Thanks leenam, I have often been in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but never in Finland, though I know that your country is very beautiful!