Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Today's celebration

From left to right: The crown prince Willem Alexander, his wife princess Maxima, the Queen, her sister,princess Margriet,

The weather was not so bad, though the sun didn't show herself. Anyway it didn't rain. My neighbours were all flyng the flag. I couldn't for I haven't got a standard to put the flagpole in.The flag is red, white and blue. The orange banner is added when a member of the House of Orange is having a birthday. The Queen visited two small towns in the north of the Netherlands, in Friesland


Janice Thomson said...

Your Queen is definitely a cheerful one with a lovely smile.
It is good to know she is well received and is involved with her people. I think because our own Queen lives thousands of miles away and in a different culture we don't have the same feelings for her as we would if we actually lived in England. Since we have our own constitution she is not involved in our political affairs and hence remains more of a figure-head than an actual ruler.

reader Wil said...

Yes of course! The British Empire is immense and people outside Britain don't see her often. My Australian daughter feels like you. Queen Elizabeth is more reserved, than for instance the Danish Queen Margarete, who is very popular in her country. Well I wouldn't have her job, would you?