Monday, 31 March 2008

The many Faces of Spring

Il y aura cent mille chansons......
2008-Mar-31 - Il y aura cent mille chansons...

Another spring, another song. I want this to be like the colours of the skies,
like the new fresh air, the smell of young hyacinths.
I want to hear the whistle of the wind in stormy nights and the silence of a sunny day.
There are a hundred thousand songs and ways to describe the seasons of the year,
the seasons of life.
I tried to show my spring in a slide of photos taken last year and this month.
There are beautiful sunrises like a promise and sunsets like saying good bye.
There are sunny skies and dark threatening ones.
You'll see the tulips first budding then growing and changing into fully-grown flowers,
then almost destroyed by snow.
Every spring is different, every life is different.
We have to deal with it.
We hope for the sunshine, but we have to take the gales and strong wind into the bargain

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