Friday, 29 February 2008

What to do with Granny?

What to do with granny?

It all happened on vacation in France. A Dutch couple, their two children and the grandmother stayed at a camp site in the south of France for a fortnight. All went well and everybody was enjoying the wonderful warm weather and the surroundings until gran complained of a terrible headache and she felt terribly sick. Before the daughter and son-in-law could warn a doctor, she died. What to do now? If a doctor was sent for it would certainly mean that the police got involved, investigating this sudden death and it would take a lot of trouble to explain this situation. It would also mean that they couldn't go home for a while, because of all the red tape which usually follows such an event.So the couple decided to wrap granny in a lot of canvas and put her body on the luggage rack of their car. So they set off for home. On their way they had to stop for a meal at a wayside restaurant. They parked their car at the carpark. They had a quick meal and ate it in silence, the four of them not feeling happy at all. When they returned to their car they saw to their horror, that the big canvas bundle had gone! Stolen!!

What happened next I don't know myself, for I made this story up!.(sort of... half of it at least ...LOL)
I believe Gran was never found again, but the empty canvas case was found lying in an empty ditch and there were some bones scattered around. They were presumably human, but as DNA was still not heard of at the time, and the children didn't report her missing, nobody thought of granny.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Poor old Granny. LOL>

reader Wil said...

Yes the lady had hoped to have a nice holiday!