Friday, 1 February 2008

The result of the fireworks..

On New Year's Eve we had a very frightening night, because the houses of the neighbours of a friend of ours were on fire, due to fireworks. I wrote about it a month ago. Well these photos show us what it looked like. The people living in both houses lost everything they had on the top floor. The assurances are still discussing to whom, when and what they have to pay for.Nothing has been done yet. It's a shame!


Patty said...

Fireworks can be so dangerous. They should be left for the professionals to set off. It's a shame, probably what will happen the insurance won't cover any of it. I would think since the public can set off fireworks on their own, the insurance companies would have it written up in some clause that a fire from such would not be covered.

reader Wil said...

That's right they always find an excuse not to pay!