Sunday, 3 February 2008

The most beautiful building in the Netherlands

1 Townhall in Gouda

2 You can compare it to the townhall in Middelburg built at the same time.

3 A building like a containership

4 The winner is the Office of the Gas Works

Last year we had an interesting competion here in the Netherlands. It was all about choosing the most beautiful building in our country. I don't know how many people entered the contest but there were a lot of people who preferred old architecture.

On the other hand many contestants gave preference to the modern buildings. There was the townhall of Middelburg, an example of the old school and built in 1452, and a modern building which looked like a containership and was called at the same time the most beautiful building by some, and the ugliest one by most people. See for yourself!
The winner, however, was a very stunning interesting building, which didn't look like the right-angled structures of the past time. It was not boring like those blocks of flats, built right after the war.It was the office of the gas-works in Groningen. When I saw its picture I couldn't but think of the Spanish architect Gaudi.


Anonymous said...

I think the winner was a nice building. Very modern looking. I do also like the older designs which seem very quaint to me.

reader Wil said...

The oldest buildings are mediaeval, from 1450.They need to be protected and preserved for posterity ( as one always say). In the meantime we need modern architecture.

Patty said...

I like both the townhall photos.

reader Wil said...

Gouda is a town not far from us. Gouda is well known for its cheese, china and candles.