Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I was taught to behave like a white person, but my heart is black..

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The mists of a cruel past have been lifted...Now they have their identity back.

Actually I should write this on my Foreign Countries'blog or, but I have the feeling that I only have a few visitors there and I find this message very important.

Last night at 11 o' clock the telephone rang. I thought at once :" Oh, that must be my daughter in Australia". I answered the phone and heard her saying: " Mum in five minutes our
government will start the speech of Kevin Rudd, Australia's premier, in which he apologizes for all the suffering caused by the white Australian government from 1904 till 1970". Children who lived perfectly happy with their parents in the Aboriginal compounds, were taken away sometimes already at the age of 5, and put into the care of white families. They are called the Stolen Generation . They were forced to speak English and weren't allowed to speak their own languages. One mother saw her three children taken by force and she ran with all the other mothers after the truck in which the children were transported to an unknown destination. The mother of the three children died soon of a broken heart.
Of course "Sorry"doesn't make up for all the pain and suffering.For years the Aboriginal elders and leaders have been pleading for the apologies of the government, but the previous Prime Minister John Howard always refused to say "sorry

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