Wednesday, 6 February 2008

An Avant-Garde Home from 1933

What ever will be, will be...
2008-Feb-6 - Dutch Architecture, an Avant-Garde Home from 1933

The Sonneveld House.
Every time I come here for a visit I enjoy walking through the spacious rooms of this extraordinary fine building, built in the year that I was born, in 1933. I have been here three times, but I'd like to go another time. .Van der Vlugt designed The Sonneveld House. It's on the list of Dutch Historic Monuments and its present owner has put its management in the hands of the Netherlands Architecture Institute, who wants to present The Sonneveld House to the public as a museum home. The whole house has been furnished as it was on the day of completion in 1933.It contains many of the original pieces of steel tubular furniture.
Visitors get information by listening to a tape. There is a special programme for children, who get a small case with things they can use during the tour through the house. On the ground floor there are the hall, the study of the two daughters of the family, the bedrooms and bathroom of the domestic staff, the garage and the laundry.
On the first floor there are the library, the livingroom, the gardenroom, the diningroom, the pantry and the kitchen.
The second floor contains the bedrooms of the daughters and their bathroom between them, the bedroom, bathroom and dressingroom of the parents.Here is also the guestroom and the stairs to the roof garden.


Patty said...

The Avant-Garde Home from 1933 reminds me of some of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes he designed. Some looked like they were before there time.

reader Wil said...

Were they also designed in the thirties? This avant-garde style was very popular before wwII. This house was very modern for that time.