Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ten Reasons to Like Getting Older......

Reasons to like getting older...( for women)

!.Everyone looks better in candlelight,so standing by your birthday cake will be as good as a fortnight on a health farm.

2,The problem of wrinkles solves itself- as you get more short-sighted, they are harder to see.

3.There is no need to act as though you are ill just because you do not have anything to do on Saturday night.

4. You can always say:" when I was your age...." if you want to annoy someone younger.

5.You came through the break-up of your favourite pop group without needing a shrink.

6. You fall asleep in front of an old film on the TV, because you already know what happens in the end.

7. You fall asleep in front of most new films on TV, because you k now they will not be as good as the old ones anyway.

8. If you are asked to do something energetic, you get out of it by saying you are too old- or you do it and everyone applauds.

9. It is no longer social death to wear the wrong length of skirt.

10. Getting older is quite a lot better than the alternative

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