Friday, 18 January 2008

All because of a red cabbage...

It was one of those Fridays in December, when I had to do a lot of preparations before my sister and brother-in -law were to arrive. I had made everything ready in the spare room. I had vacuumed the house from top to bottom, all three floors. I only had to do the shopping. So I went to the local supermarket to buy a red cabbage. There was no red cabbage. "No, ma' am, we have no red cabbage in the weekend! ", the shopkeeper said, "only on Mondays!". "Oh, why is that?"I asked. "Well people don't cook red cabbage in the weekend!", he said."
I answered : "Well I do !". I left the shop to go to a greengrocer's which is a far better but also a more expensive shop. I found my red cabbage, and when I paid for it, the wife of the shopmanager asked:"What's your name?"" It's Dubois ", I said. "How do you spell that?", she asked. I spelled it and got curious, so I asked laughing:"What do you need it for ?".
"W ell", she answered,"writing my name on the bill, "at the moment we have a lottery and there is a possibility to win very nice prizes !" "Okay, well I can try that, but I'll never win anything".
I went home, wishing her a very nice weekend and forgot all about it. The next day when I was making coffee for my guests, the telephone rang. I answered the phone, said my name and heard someone saying: "De Jong of the Toy Shop, you've won a prize!". Now I usually say: "I bet! "and lay down the receiver, but this time I hesitated, because I knew the man and he was, like the greengrocer and the other shopkeepers, a member of the shopkeepers' association in our village. So I listened. He said :"Yes, and besides that it's first prize". I was astonished and said:"oh and what does that mean?". "Well you have won four tickets for Snowworld. You can go skiing there and it's very nice ! You can pick up your prize at the greengrocer's on Monday!""Thank you very much!"I stammered.
When I went to the shop to fetch the prize, all the staff were very enthusiastic and happy for me and the lady who had written my name on the bill, was very glad."All because of a red cabbage!"she exclaimed.


Patty said...

How wonderful that must have been to win a prize like you did. I'm like you, I never seem to win anything. But you hit the jackpot that day and also got your red cabbage.

reader Wil said...

Well the red cabbage was more important that day for I made a special dish with lots of apples in it and a stew of beef and onions.But it was nice to hit the jackpot! I was really pleasantly surprised.