Sunday, 23 December 2007

Thou shalt give, and give and give....

Every month I pay a certain amount of money to several good causes. At Christmas, however, they seem to forget, that throughout the year a lot of money has been paid, and I get all kind of , what I call, begging-letters with the most horrible photos of dying children and tortured animals. These photos have been sent for the past ten years to impress us and convince us, that we cannot have copious meals with turkey and all that, without giving one thought to the poor suffering world outside.
Of course there is some truth in it, but the way it is done is disgusting and which is even worse is the fact ,that some of these good causes don't even exist.
One of them is called "World children" another "Animal protection in the world".Both non -existing organisations. Some of those organisations choose names that look like those of real good organisations, hoping to fool us.Well, beware of those greedy impostors!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh. I found a site, years ago, on the Internet, that listed all of the organizations (in the world) and if they were honest and how much of each dollar collected went to the cause (whatever cause it was). And some would not respond. Those were best avoided. Even the best ones only gave pennies per dollar. One of the best gave about 3/4th of a dollar and kept 1/4th for operating expenses.

Here is a link that might interest you. You can check on many groups.

And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Abe and Patty.

reader Wil said...

Thank you Abe! I 'll keep this address in mind! I wish you a Merry Christmas with Patty and the family. And I hope 2008 will bring you everything you wish for!