Saturday, 1 December 2007

St Nicholas

A friend of mine collects anything connected to St Nicholas

Black Peter

St Nicholas 'Eve is a typically Dutch feast and celebrated on the fifth of December. The Dutch give each other presents accompanied by a poem or verse. In the weeks before St Nicholas 'Eve the children may put their shoes in front of the stove or fire place, but nowadays with central heating we try to find other places. My children thought it best to put shoes on the doormat behind the frontdoor. The shoes must contain a piece of bread or a carrot, apple or other food for St Nicholas's horse.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember whose blog it was but one from the Netherlands had Christmas things on for a week and the Black Peter was explained. I found it all interesting just like your post is.

reader Wil said...

Hi Abe last year I wrote something about St Nicholas and his Black Peter. St Nicholas is about 350 years old. After him someone invented Father X-mas.