Wednesday, 14 November 2007

It's illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament

I found this in my newspaper and thought it rather hilarious!

The law above is one of the top ten of the most ridiculous laws compiled by a panel of 4000 British people. Here are the other nine:
2.It is an act of treason to put a stamp with the image of the queen upside down on the envelope.
3.In Liverpool a woman is not allowed to walk about topless, unless she works in a shop of tropical fish.
4.It's forbidden to eat pies on Boxingday.
5.If some one knocks on your door in Scotland asking if he may use your toilet, you are obliged to let him in.
6.A pregnant woman is permitted to answer nature's call wherever she wants, even in the helmet of a policeman.
7.The head of any dead whale, found on the British coast becomes the king's property, the tail goes to the queen.
8.It is illegal to keep silent to the tax inspector about the things you don't want to tell him.But it is legal to keep silent about the information you don't mind him to know.
9.It is not allowed to enter the Houses of Parliament in armour.
10.It is legal to kill a Scotsman within the old walls of the City of York, but only if he carries bow and arrow


Anonymous said...

Wow. THose are funny. I wonder what the policeman would say about using his helmet as a toilet bowl?

There are a lot of laws on the books like these and nobody does anything about it here either.

It is very cold here. We had some snow flurries this morning and it should be even colder tonight.

Pat and I worked on the airconditioner in my office trying to seal it off better and cover it up so the drafts don't come in. I think we got it.

Hope you and your family are all OK.

going green

reader Wil said...

Yes there are still some funny laws. I don't think a policeman would be happy when his helmet is used in that way.
The weather was fine today, but an English scientist had foretold that Britain and our countries will be struck by a super tempest. We'll see!