Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Endeavour River and the Croc

One day during my stay in Australia we were invited to visit a family of (almost) five persons living on a boat, de owner of which had built it himself. To reach this boat we were taken in a dinghy. The same dinghy took us also back to the shore after our visit

Did you know that the Australian saltwater crocodiles are found in most estuaries of coastal, tropical Australia but can live quite successfully in freshwater streams and billabongs.Their diet consists of native animals and birds, but also cattle, horses, dogs and even men. They pull their prey into the water to drown, where they leave it for some time to decompose before eating.
Some time ago a party of some people were camping on the beach where they had a "barbie". They left some of the food on the beach and a croc was attracted to it. He went, however further and entered one of the tents, where he grabbed one of the men by his leg and tried to pull him out of the tent. Everybody woke up by the screams of the poor man. His mother came to help him, but the croc grabbed her, then another man came with his gun and killed the beast. It was an enormous creature, by the looks of it. I saw the photos!!
Well the croc on the photoslide is a different one of course, but no less ferocious.
A female croc lays about 40 eggs in a prepared mound of grass on a riverbank


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is as close as I want to get to one of those. They are mean or can be. Really nice photographs.

reader Wil said...

The dinghy didn't come to close, otherwise the croc would have disappeared under the water. As you see he was on the point of doing so. Coming home I enlarged the photos with the help of Picasa.