Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Australian Spirit.

Sakshi Anmatyerre is an Australian spirit, a traveller in this great country, who records the land and its stories, interpreting them in dazzling colours and with the intuitive eye and sure hand of a master painter.In him is the harmonious meeting of cultures, ancient and modern. Through his paintings, which he creates using modern materials and techniques, he expresses his love and respect for these ancient islands, Australia- the people and the wild places and creatures. He is the proud father of three boys and a girl, and to them he passes his wisdom, his lore and his stories.But each startlingly beautiful painting tells its own story and to each person the story is different- it belongs to the beholder alone.


Patty said...

Beautiful colors. Again, thanks for sharing.

reader Wil said...

Thank you Patty. I know that you've seen this before, but I am glad that I had some posts here when efx2 collapsed.

elay said...

im so glad i stumbled in your blog! you have amazing pictures..
i like the colors in this one..thankx for sharing =)