Saturday, 22 September 2007

Captain James Cook on Lizard Island

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When Captain Cook explored the east coast of Australia he came across this island which would lateron named Lizard Island, on account of the great number of sand monitors. He noted the island was "mostly high land very rocky and barren". Cook climbed the island to the highest point,which is called Cook's Look nowadays.He discovered a reef of rocks extending farther than he could see. He noticed a passage in the reef labyrinth through which the Endeavour later escaped.
This is what he must have seen, for we did the same walk up to the highest point.


LauriesAsylum said...

Oh my goodness, it's so beautiful! It sounds like you are having a lovely time on your trip.

Anonymous said...

These are nice photos. And I wonder if there are fish in the streams or none?

Patty said...

Looks as though you are having a wonderful time. So happy for you. Enjoy those Grandchildren while you can.

reader Wil said...

Yes it was a lovely trip thanks to our pilot/guide,who was a perfect host and very helpful when the climbing was a bit hard.
We saw fish there in the streams Abe. And there is plenty of reef fish around the island.
I 'll try to enjoy my stay here as much as I can for I never know if it'll be the last time.

Friends of Kingston Station said...

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reader Wil said...

Thank you Jeeps for your comment. When I am back home again I shall try to find another efx2blogs site, hoping that this will last longer.My daughter's computer is soooo slow, that it takes me hours to write a post and I don't like this signing in all the time'